Death or Glory

Hiding in barns and outbuildings by day
Walking in hedgerows undercover of night
Head down, senses alert
Day after day, avoiding the light.

The border’s not far; check point ahead
Dive for cover or put up a fight?
Crouch in the undergrowth; senses strain
The longest day; freedom’s in sight.

Evening comes, it’s time to run
Pound across fields, vault over gates
Soldiers shout, shots are fired
Adrenaline pumps, heart thumps.

Hounds at my heels, boots thud on the ground
Screw up my courage, don’t ever look back
It’s now or never, my ultimate hope
Striving for freedom, just one final leap.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #86 photo prompt.

Image credit: Warren Wong @ Unsplash
The image shows shows a stretch of empty road. There is a man in running shoes taking a leaping jump over the yellow dividing line on the road.

72 thoughts on “Death or Glory

  1. You know that state you find yourself in when watching a movie, with all your muscles tense?
    That’s your latest creation’s effect.
    And resonant as #$@*!!
    I even matched the verses with the music from Aerials by SOD… punch in the face it is!
    Love it!!👏👏

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  2. I really liked the structuring and rhythym within this poem. It’s rare that I see perspectives written from the point of view of someone entering or fleeing a country because it’s usually frowned upon. But these people are humans too and are probably running for their lives – thank you for writing such an important poem. ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Simone. I’m pleased you got something out of the poem. I suppose it could reflect a myriad of situations: so many people forced to flee from war and oppression all over the world and all down history.

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    • Another gap in my historical knowledge, Robbie. I was vaguely aware of the conflict, but it wasn’t widely reported in the UK as far as I remember. I guess the poem can represent part of many conflicts though.

      Now to pop down another rabbit-hole and seek out some Border War literature…

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  3. This reminded me of many current events in the news in regards to borders and folks trying to leave countries that are ‘tense’ and seeking freedom to just live without having fear in their sights 24/7.

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