I love to write stories and dabble in verse.

I also enjoy a spot of fan-fiction. My contribution to the genre is my tongue-in-cheek series ‘Space Cadets‘, together with the inevitable Holiday Special in two parts. Series Two has drawn to a close, but I am planning to complete a third series one day.

My San Man Stories, are inspired by the ancient customs, legends and cave paintings of the San People who are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa. In similar vein is my micro-fiction series set in the ‘olden times’ in Southern Africa:  Owab and Aquila

Other collections and series include:
Alys and Sparky, a collection of whimsical tales staring young witch, Alys and her tiny familiar, Sparky the diminutive dragon. Following last year’s holiday special, our magical duo are currently taking a little holiday, but will return sometime in the future.

Sinead’s Final Quest, an epic saga, written in tiny increments of 150 words.

Great Being Five and her Problematic Planet, a speculative fiction series.

That’s Hollywood! Tongue-in-cheek tales involving some quirky characters