Short Fiction

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Little fiction pieces of less than 300 words – a really quick read!

A Candlelit Evening

A Tom’s Life

Beyond her Comfort Zone


Brief Encounter

Burns’ Supper

Can you look again?

Cepha’s Revenge

Don’t Look Back

Closer to Heaven

Games Aliens Play

Global Warning

Greta’s Ark

Henry Goes on Safari


If you go down to the woods today…

Invasion of the Lizard People


Man on a Mission

Mind Mess

Not Your Fault

Over Here!

Parched Earth

PR Failure


The Beautiful Game?

The Beginning is Near

The Big Red Button

The Butler did it!

The Chocolate Cake Club

The Cutesy-Pie Snow-People

The Death of Bees

The Hatter

The Memory Keeper

There’s Nothing Under the Bed

The Other Side of the Black Hole

The Perfect Man

The Search

Those Useful Things


What Lies Beneath

With These Words


Flash Fiction

Stories of 300 – 1000 words – different themes, different genres – having fun with my writing!

A new dawn

Accident on Earth


And finally, she pulled the plug

Beyond Hollywood

Close the Window

From Sky-Blue Silk

Get Out of That, Superheroes!

He’s Back!

Incident at the Library

Shape Shifting for Beginners

Strange Fruit 1

Strange Fruit 2

The Chosen One

The Eye of the Beholder

The People who Lived in the Picture

The Story of the Storyteller

The (Un)dutiful Daughter

Trading Places

Why can’t we live together


Short Stories

Just a little longer: stories >1000 words – but not so much more than you’ll need a second cup of coffee.

The Well-Intentioned Arsonist


Virtually All the Fun of the Fair!