Space Cadets Series 2

interior of a space ship

Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Jemma Kirk narrates the second series in her epic adventure with fellow space cadets, Stevens and Harris as they explore the universe of their imaginations and meet a host of stars from some of your favourite sci-fi TV shows and films.

Episode #1 – The Journey Continues

Episode #2 – A Rude Awakening

Episode #3 – Inside Hanger 327

Episode #4 – Into Hyperspace

Episode #5 – Losing Control

Episode #6 – Another Planet

Episode #7 – The Quantum Anomaly

Episode #8 – Welcome to the Multiverse

Episode #9 – No Time to Lose

Episode #10 – Questioning Reality

Space Cadets will return with another series… somewhere along the space-time continuum