A Tom’s Life

A Tom's Life by Chris Hall lunasonline

Romeo clung to hope as fiercely as he clung to the gutter, eavesdropping on Nero as he chatted up the new little cat in town. The pretty princess had never given Romeo a second glance, but his hope swelled when he heard her rebuff his rival.

Nero leapt down, landing with the soft thud of paws on paving-stones. Immediately Romeo swung himself up onto the roof and stretched seductively before the little queen.

She slammed her paw down on the tiles. ‘Enough of you toms, you’re just after one thing! I’m going to hang out with the girl cats.’ Tossing her pretty head, she flounced off into the night.

Romeo stared after her open-mouthed. He peered down into the street below where Nero was twitching his tail in irritation. He jumped down and landed beside him. Nero turned his head. ‘No luck either?’ Romeo shook his head. ‘Wanna go rat-catching?’

From  a prompt by Hélène Vaillant of Willow Poetry: What do you see? June 4, 2019

10 writers and their cats

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Published in Lit Hub Weekly: August 20- 24

The following article is from a book called Writers and Their Cats, which is a book about writers and their cats (!) and is written by Alison Nastasi.

The writers:
Angela Carter, Chester Himes, Gillian Flynn, Jorge Luis Borges, Judy Blume, Julio Cortázar, Mark Twain, Marlon James, Patricia Highsmith, Ursula K. Le Guin.

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me and Luna

Me and (a slightly unwilling) Luna. 
We’re obviously in very good company! Are you?



‘Writers and Their Cats’ is published by Chronicle Books © 2018 by Alison Nastasi.