A birthday gift

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It’s my birthday today and if we all shared a physical work-space I’d be getting the cakes in! Since we’re not, I’m running a birthday giveaway of ‘The Silver Locket’ which you can download free from Amazon today and tomorrow (7th and 8th February).

Here’s your link: The Silver Locket – free download (UK customers click here)
The paperback version is at a special price of $6.99 (£5.35) depending where you live.
Goodreads reviews of The Silver Locket

It’s a second edition, and I’m pretty certain that the few annoying typo wrinkles have all been ironed out. Of course, this means that if you have one of the original paperbacks, you now have a collector’s item (well, maybe one day).

If you happen to live in South Africa, I can post you a signed first edition for R175,00 (price includes postage). If you stay here, you know that’s a bargain!

You may just notice a little box up on the top of the side bar: The Silver Locket is up for a reader’s choice award. If you’d like to lend me your support, just click on the pic.

February is also Valentine month and I have another offer running. My second novel, You’ll Never Walk Alone: a special valentine edition to download for just 99c / 99p.

Well, I have to go, it’s birthday time and I’m going to spend my royalties on a lovely pink rosebush for my garden! Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

The Silver Locket by Holly Atkins read it anywhere
Read it anywhere!






Souls cross the skies of time, like clouds crossing the skies of the world.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas.

Charcoal drawing by Suzanne Starr

Charcoal drawing by Suzanne Starr

She sits and waits; a traveller.
He sits, arms folded, staring into space where for him there is now only the present.
Time stretches away. Infinite co-ordinates undefined. Souls slip past each other.

She stares at a wall, across tracks she cannot see; the tracks of time.
The tracks of my tears.
For I am that girl with no past and no future and I am waiting for you.

We agreed we’d meet, that we’d find each other. On the other side.


– Do you believe in reincarnation?
– Maybe.
– Do you think we come back as ghosts?
– Perhaps.
– If we do, shall we meet?
– We’ll need to arrange where and when.
– Each other’s birthdays?
– Will you remember?
– Of course.
– Where then?
– I don’t know.
– We can decide later, there’s plenty of time.

We never did decide, did we?

Another cross-continental collaboration with artist, Suzanne Starr. I find her artwork both intriguing and inspiring.
You can find more of Suzanne’s artwork at www.suzannestarart.com – check it out!