Great Ways for Writers to Get More out of Google

I came across this article by Kathy Steinmann the other day. I use Google quite a lot for quick fact checking, for example, I was interested in the properties of jade for my work-in-progress novel. And I use Google maps all the time.
I was aware of some of the things she mentioned, but not all, and some I’d forgotten about. See if you find something new and useful!

get more out of google lunasonline

Read the article here:



How to Protect Against Plagiarism If You Post Fiction Online

A very important issue. Some useful guidance for those of you who like me are posting their work online.

A Writer's Path

by Sarah Pesce

Let me start this off by saying plagiarists are the WORST.

Unfortunately, plagiarism is made easier than ever with self-publishing these days. If you post your work online – on fanfic forums, on Wattpad, on critique sites, on your own website, etc. – you run the risk of that work being stolen and put up for sale as an ebook, with someone else potentially making money off of your labour.

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