Temporary Fault


I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can’t access any WP site including this one, on my laptop.

So I’m struggling to read and post and link up with the Six Sentence Story gang.

Please bear with… 😫

but I’m back now! Thanks so much to Sadje for linking me up with the ‘Sixers‘ in the meantime!!!

Let me out!!

A picture of a tin of spam

Have you noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on the comments front?

Have I just popped in a ‘like’ and run away?

Well, it looks like my witty quips and encouraging asides may have gone astray. It seems they may have been swept up into your spam folder. But I have no idea why.

It hasn’t happened to all of them but it started at 1a.m. PST on Tuesday 12 October. I’ve dropped a note to a few folk and those who’ve seen and checked have found my missing words in their spam folders (thank you all! 😊🙏).

I’ve contacted the ‘Happiness Engineers’ too.

For contributors to Sadje’s WDYS, to Di at Pensitivity 101‘s Wednesday 3TC, Denise’s happy band of Sixerians, and anyone who regularly hears from me, if you see a ‘like’ but no comment, it’s a pound to a penny my comment is in your spam… if you have a moment, please track it down and approve it. Maybe then Askimet will stop whisking my words away and hiding them.

I don’t know how long this will last… but please don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’m missing our happy exchanges already. 😢


photo credit: Liverpool Echo