Time Waster!


Okay, so I’ve spent too much time NOT writing today. I’ve been prevaricating; engaging in displacement activity.

But, I came across a nice little time waster on this rather wonderful writer’s site: CONSTANT LEARNER and of course I couldn’t resist!

Okay, it’s a marketing ploy, and maybe you’ve seen it before.  If you haven’t, this is what the ‘I Write Like’ site says about itself.

And, well, well, it seems: 

Also like Margaret Atwood and Charles Dickens, depending on the text I entered.
I’m honoured. And obviously inconsistent.

Oh, and if you ‘analyse’ this post it’s: Stephenie Meyer!

Click on the box above if you want to try. But don’t spend the whole day on it!
Or don’t blame me if you do.

I’d love to hear your results…(can I tempt you…?).

7 thoughts on “Time Waster!

  1. Ok Chris, you got me with this one! I had to try it, so I used two separate sections from my post “Ice Cream”…on one I got Kurt Vonnegut, and on the other I got Cory Doctorow! 🤔 I admit to not knowing enough about either author to know if it’s accurate or not. LOL 🐱🐼

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  2. I love Stephen King*s novels and movies. He is a genius but take you around and around before finally come to the end. I definetely would not be able to write like him:)

    Anyway, I like mystery and horror novels and movies.

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  3. I could totally get hooked on this thing… the temptation to run every single thing I’ve written through it is strong!

    I got James Joyce (twice!), Harry Harrison, and Kurt Vonnegut. I’m tempted to say this thing has no idea what it’s talking about but I still love it!

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