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Adam west


Let’s begin.

This post is about an acknowledgment of gratitude. In the recent event of releasing a story, and the errs along its way to a patient recipient.

Firstly, thank you, Chris Hall, a WordPress blogger, and published author, you have followed and offered wonderful feedback for some time, and I appreciate that greatly!

Doubly, thank you for the -and it’s a rough guess- 30+ emails we exchanged trying to send an ebook, across country borders. There were miscues, moments where it seemed like it would work, then didn’t. Well, eventually, with combined efforts and determination, we found success!

Thank you, Chris, for your interest in The Vague Ship, and help in discovering how to share books across the world!

Check out her blog here!

Lastly, this means I can extend my giveaway beyond the borders of the US.

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