NaNoWriMo – update

nanowrimo 2018

The first week is almost over. Well, it’s been a week and a day, strictly speaking, but since my Thursdays have been too chock-full of ‘other stuff’, I’m not counting them (or on them).

I am enjoying it. I’m having fun. Maybe not getting quite the word count… but I have (mostly) finished my first five chapters. I’ve allowed myself to miss bits out: not worry about names, or particular locations. I’ve left notes to myself to look up this and fill in that. It’s working, at least in the context of my own particular goal for a short novel for children.

Oh, and the planning has mostly gone out the window. I’ve discovered I can’t write that way. Although I do still have the end written. It might change , I’ll have to see what my characters do. And I’m loving them!

So, my writerly friends out there who are busy with this little adventure too: may your words flow fluently, your plots thicken seamlessly and your characters give you joy! (Was that too many adverbs??).

On with the journey…

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – update

  1. Hi Chris! Glad to see that NaNoWriMo is going good! I never plan out my writing, but just start writing and see where it goes. When I was teaching, the big thing was to have the kids do all kinds of pre-writing activities, and it always felt funny to me because I never do it myself. Lol that’s why I never know where the Foster and Panda adventures are going to end up! 🐱🐼

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