They do things differently over there!

hoppytawPercy the pigeon was on holiday. It had been a very tiring journey but at last he’d made it; all the way from London to New York City. As he perched on a tree in Central Park, admiring the city skyline, he noticed a group of children playing hopscotch. What were they using as a marker? Percy wondered. It wasn’t the usual stone that bounced and skipped.

A little girl dressed in pink made her throw. Percy flew down for a closer look. 

‘Oh, what’s that pigeon doing?’ she cried.

The children gathered around as Percy waddled over to the marker.

Percy put his head on one side, examining the object. ‘Hoppy Taw‘ he read on its face. (He was a very intelligent pigeon who’d spent a year in Oxford.) Well, I never, Percy thought. I’ve never heard of one of those. Whatever will these clever Americans think of next?


Written in response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge, which today was: city skyline, hoppy taw, <your favorite bird>

Percy is a prince amongst pigeons and we are delighted to have learned something new about our cousins across the pond!

4 thoughts on “They do things differently over there!

      • LOL maybe they just never made it to the small town where I lived, since I’ve been around since the late 50s…. We always used a small piece of a chain, like from a necklace, You had your favorite hopscotch chain and it seemed like certain ones worked better than others. Seems like a hoppy taw would have been great to have though!

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