The Wedding Anniversary

lunasonline whitby

Mina comes every year to this ruined church on a windswept cliff, after the sun has set over the bleak moorland.

It might seem a strange place to remember her wedding anniversary, but to Mina and her Sisters it is special, for once they were all the Brides of Dracula.

50 word story, written in response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s ‘Main March MadnessNo. 31 – Wedding Anniversary.

7 thoughts on “The Wedding Anniversary

  1. Not everyone can write a really short story, and actually make it a STORY! You can!
    Earlier I’ve participated in things like: ”write a story whith a maximum of 100 words”. Fun training in writing and not entirely easy.

    Have you heard the shortest story ever? Six words. Don’t remember who wrote it.
    ”For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

    That one says something. Doesn’t it?

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