No More Stories

say what you see 08.04.19 lunasonline chris hall

In the sodium lit, neon flicking city, electricity hums.
In homes where data downloads and Netflix streams,
everything’s on tap, content feeds.

No more mysteries, no more myths,
fables are unnecessary. All is explained
by an expert, a pundit or an app.

A glorious storm floods the dark skies,
unnoticed a lightning bolt flies.
A switch is tripped. Darkness.

Emergency lights click on, generators kick in,
faces are blue-screen illuminated.
No-one tells stories any more.

From  a prompt by Hélène Vaillant of Willow Poetry

22 thoughts on “No More Stories

  1. WOWWWWWW, this is dynamite, very impressive. I love this, brilliant: “All is explained
    by an expert, a pundit or an app”–it does take an awful lot of “mystery” out life as we used to know it. And of course I love your ending–if/when the power goes out, most people are totally lost. Thanks for visiting me, so I’d know to come over here–what a treat to read your writing, and your About. I love the “accidental” blogger–very cute. Best to you! Ennle

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  2. Powerful poem, Chris. This is actually happening right now, a lot of people are already over consumed with their electronics, oblivious to the world outside the screen, apps and switches. You have painted a sad world, what once used will be lost for future generations. Only the app.

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  3. Love this! Reminds me of when we have power outages and people go outside and neighbors communicate for the first time when, not so long ago, outdoors and community was the norm. I wonder, too, how much damage our lack of the sun vitamin has caused.

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