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Hands off our content, Tygpress!

This, That, and the Other

With all of the unauthorized harvesting of our posts that is going on at tygpress.com and seemingly not much that can be done to stop it, I created this badge that I will attach to all of my blog posts going forward.EDC343BA-4E67-4F78-BDFB-02FE6D5C0A26Please feel free to grab this image and post it on your blog. By doing so, this image should show up on your posts that have been stolen by tygpress.

You’re welcome.

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20 thoughts on “Feel Free to Use this Badge

  1. Some quick research about what tygpress is and a search of their website revealed that my posts are being taken.
    But I am confused as to why they would take WordPress posts? Mine in particular do not receive much attention, and in general, tygpress do not appear to have anything to gain by stealing these?

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    • I can only assume they’re doing it to boost their content and attract more readers…because they can. We work hard to produce our content, why should they get to use it for no effort and more importantly, without permission.

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    • Hi Neil,
      Wordpress suggest various things to discourage content theft. This was their response to me when I contacted them, like many others have already done.
      – Here are some things you can do to prevent content theft:
      – If you’ve already experienced content theft, here are some things you can do: http://en.support.wordpress.com/content-theft-what-to-do/

      You’ll see I’ve added a copyright notice at the top of my blog. I’ve also contacted WP (see above) and Digital Oceans who host the tygpress.com site. No response from DO so far.

      I reblogged Fandango’s post with the badge he created in response to this problem and I intend to add this at the foot of future posts.

      Why they do it? My thoughts in reply to the previous comment.

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