Eyes like saucers!

Following the Green Rabbit by Chris Hall
Following the Green Rabbit – proof copy

Today I’ve been busy proof-reading my new novel. In all modesty, I have to tell you it’s a really good story, and because I haven’t looked at it since sending it through the publishing process, I almost have to remind myself that I wrote it! But, of course, I must remember that as usual several of the characters had a hand in the plot too (animals included).

Although I wrote it as a story aimed at younger readers, the more I think about it, the more I’m certain it will have much wider appeal – 9 years to 99 years! That’s also the impression I got from those of you who were reading along under it’s former working title ‘A Nick in Time’. Thanks once again for all your encouragement.

Also today, for a little change from the Rabbit, I’ve been casting a critical eye over friend and fellow author, Paul English’s latest novel-in-the-making, the next in his wonderfulFire Angel Universeseries. This is a real treat, because it’s all fresh and new. We have an excellent reciprocal arrangement of reading and commenting on each other’s work, which naturally also involves coffee and cake!

‘Following The Green Rabbit’ is due to be released next month, and I’m sure Paul’s new novel ‘Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark’ will not be far behind.

The Green Rabbit illustration
Lino-cut by Cliff Davies



14 thoughts on “Eyes like saucers!

        • I decided that the original title might suggest a more ‘sci-fi’ kind of story which, of course, it’s not. So I felt it needed to be changed. Near the beginning, Bethany follows the green rabbit, and in doing so she stumbles into the ‘olden-times’. Suddenly it made perfect sense.

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          • Thanks ever so much for considering me for such a lovely gift through Amazon. 🙂 Love the woodblock-style cover! Your message came through all fine, it’s just that because of our different countries, Amazon won’t let me redeem it because of copyright issues (a big red sign shouts ‘This eBook cannot be redeemed by customers in your country’) *shakes puny fists at heavens* 😅 Thanks for such an incredibly kind shoutout anyhow! If you like I could continue through your online chapters adding more feedback, then pm you my address and perhaps organise a paperback delivery later this year?

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            • Well, I’ve just spent a happy hour in conversation with Amazon. Not getting to the bottom of the copyright issue, but apparently you have to have a US address on your account to redeem a gift book. I’ll try to send you an author copy of the book as the online chapters are all gone now.
              Email me your address and I’ll see what I can do – chris87hall@gmail.com – I assume Amazon will let me (never assume though) 🙂

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            • Yes, it just clarified that people exchanging gift vouchers need to live in the same country (who knew! 🙂 ). Thanks ever so much for considering me for such a generous offer! Really kind of you.

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