Review – A Sextet Of Shorts by Chris Hall

What a very pleasant surprise it was when Joe Leonardi, aka the Short Story Scribe, emailed me the other day to say he’d enjoyed my slim volume of short stories; and now he’s posted such an encouraging review.

Do please check out Joe’s work too: he’s recently published a new novella entitled ‘The Comfort of Despair’.  I’ve got my copy, have you?

6 thoughts on “Review – A Sextet Of Shorts by Chris Hall

    • These stories go back a little while, but I’m still pleased with them. You might recognise the first piece, but the rest haven’t been published anywhere else.
      I’m still thinking about what to write for a couple of shorter spin-offs for ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, as you suggested a little while back. The more I think about it, the more I’m drawn to the idea. I have to get the African Tales out of my head first: NaNoWriMo beckons 😉

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        • Well done you! I like the buddy idea, but I know I’m not able to commit to doing the full ‘NaNo’ thing, and I don’t think that would make me a very good buddy!
          I know I won’t make the target and I don’t want to set myself up for failure (a bit cowardly, I know). But I am committed to working hard on my next book during November. It worked for me last year in that I had a 75% completed rough draft for ‘Following the Green Rabbit’ at the end of the month, although I had no idea what was going to happen in the end. That will be good enough for me again this year and work count wise around 30k ‘reasonable’ ones will do.
          I’m very happy to shout encouragement from the sidelines though!!

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