The Audition

what do you see by chris hall lunasonline

Freya admired her newly-polished talons. She glanced over her scaly shoulders at her wings, freshly adorned with the finest lapis lazuli, mined by the dwarves of Zendor. The elves had done a fine job on her.  It had cost her several gold coins from her secret horde, but it would be worth it. She was ready for the audition.

As a young actress she’d been an extra in the final Lord of the Rings film. She hadn’t enjoyed flying on by herself all the way to New Zealand. It had been exhausting. But there’d been no way she would have agreed to go in one of those flying metal contraptions, crated up like an animal. And then, after all that, her scene had ended up on the cutting room floor.

Her other big regret was to have just missed the part in the BBC TV series, Merlin. She’d have loved to have worked with John Hurt, but they’d said she was too pretty. Fair enough, she’d thought; the role had, after all, been for a considerably older dragon, and a male at that.

Now she was pinning her hopes on the Game of Thrones. This could be her big break!

Written in response to Sadje‘s ‘What Do You See‘ photo prompt.

And in memory of our friend, Hélène Vaillant. I’m so pleased that Sadje has revived this!

25 thoughts on “The Audition

    • I always enjoyed that too. I remember on one occasion our teacher played Fingal’s Cave by Mendelssohn for a writing exercise. I only just thought about it now… funny what you remember after so many years. I must have been about 10 years old 🙂

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