I’d like to read your book!

Looking for books

As I’m sure most of you know, I really love to read.

Almost as much as I love to write!

I have my nose in a book or, more usually, my Kindle whenever I can, and knowing how important it is to other writers, I post a short review of whatever I’ve read.

If you’re curious about the books I read this year, here’s my Goodreads ‘Year in Books’.

Now I’m ready to load up my Kindle for 2020, and I need to do this within the next three months, since that is the length of my super-duper deal on Kindle Unlimited.

So, fellow writers, add your Kindle Unlimited book links below,
or recommend someone else’s.

2019 on Goodreads


26 thoughts on “I’d like to read your book!

    • Hi Joe, I’ve selected ‘One Day I Was’ to begin with. I don’t think your other books are on KU, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to read them 🙂

      I don’t believe you’ve read my latest – ‘Following the Green Rabbit’ or my debut novel ‘The Silver Locket’. I’m currently revising the latter to iron out the odd terrible typo. I’ll be re-launching when that’s done and offering at a reduced price, so look out for that! The links are on my ‘books’ page: https://lunasonline.wordpress.com/books/

      All the best for 2020!

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      • HI Chris.
        Thank you
        I just bought Following The Green Rabbit.
        Embrace The Wild Fantasies should be enrolled in KU. Just a head’s up – extreme adult content.
        Thank you for your support and encouragement. Here is to a great breakout 2020 to us both…

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    • Hi Dixie, your link didn’t work, but I found both of your books! I’ve downloaded both and am really looking forward to reading them 🙂
      All the best for 2020


  1. Hi Chris, since we follow each other you are probably aware of my work but hey, I never baulk at the chance to blow my own trumpet. 😁
    Sirkkusaga and Love Bites are available on Amazon and fron the Book Depository.

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