Game on, Sinead!

what do you see 11 by chris hall lunasonline

Sinead had fought and won. Finally, the Sword of Elshain, the second of the four Sacred Artifacts, was hers. The first, the Crystal of Nor, was safely tucked in her unicorn’s saddle bag, and he, Moonsprite, had gone on ahead over the dark mountain, while she followed the sunset path into its heart to find the fabled Blue Orb.

She pressed on into the gathering darkness, a halo of bats swooping and calling her onwards. The Sword began to glow, lighting her way. All she had to do was hold her nerve and follow the words of The Prophesy.

Without warning, Sinead was plunged into darkness. The silence pressed in on her.

No sight, no sound.

*    *    *

‘Arrrgh!’ Sinead screamed out in frustration. ‘Damn these power cuts. That was the furthest I’ve ever got: Level 9.’ She sighed and groped around for her head torch. Its beam cast a hollow light over the dark and silent computer screen.

She picked up her book and ran her fingers over the embossed lettering on the cover: The Prophesy.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #11 photo prompt.
Photo credit: Pixabay

22 thoughts on “Game on, Sinead!

    • Oh, okay – divided by our common language again!
      You’re right, Debra, a head torch is a flashlight, but with a head band so you can fix it around your head. It illuminates what you’re looking at, so great for reading in the dark. I think they were originally designed for cavers but they’re really handy during power outages which are referred to as ‘load shedding’ here.

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  1. I have not gotten ‘drawn’ in to the world of ‘gaming’ – I did however once play a game called ‘Adventure’ – that was without illustration. The only thing you had to go on was paragraphs of descriptions and you had to follow a certain order of picking up objects in order to proceed. I did get lost in that ‘realm’ for many an hour 😉

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