The New Normal

For visually challenged reader, the picture shows a tree with humans face, eyes open wide and an open mouth, either in smile or scream

It was widely assumed that Afterwards everything would go back to Normal.
Whatever that had been. Few remembered.

Thomas had never imagined this though. That Mother Earth would exact her revenge on the human race like this.

It could have been worse, he reflected. Being a tree wasn’t so bad.


Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #27 photo prompt.
Image credit: Willgard on Pixabay

52 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. “Return to normal”? Um, a few years back I was on a quest of finding out what normal truly means… Unfortunately, results were more confusing than trying to use a cordless keyboard on the phone 🤔🙂😮🤐

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  2. How did you know, Chris? I very often stand, waving my hands above my head shouting “I’m a tree!” (A great stress reliever I read somewhere once!).
    A fun take on the photo! 🙂

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  3. Oh wow,that face!! As small children we played “walking trees” in the back yard, where we pretended the trees could walk and chase us. I remember we terrified ourselves, our imaginations were that vivid. That photo is how I think a “walking tree” would look! 😂🌳🌲

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  4. Ah… being a tree and actually giving back to the environment in a good way… well that is if the tree wasn’t damaged. Fun though to imagine if all the human’s became trees… how would genetics play – would certain folks be Oaks, or others Willows… some fruit or others just ornamental bloomers 😉

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  5. Woah! Reminds me of the Animated Batman series episode that introduced Poison Ivy–she had a spa where she served “immortality juice” or something like that, which eventually turned people into trees.

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