Thriller, chiller!

For visually challenged reader, the image shows a road leading towards a dwelling in the forest. It is hidden in fog and surrounded by tall trees. A light is shining brightly out of the window of the house.

Dark trees, darkened house,
sense of dread inside your head.

Go on, step softly, lest he hear you
What goes on inside that house?

Light spills out, a shadow moves
Hold your breath, keep still, keep calm!

The light grows stronger, pulls you near.
Sense of dread inside your head.

You look up, the figure beckons.
Sense of dread inside your head.

Gripped by his gaze he draws you in.
Sense of dread inside your head.

You venture onward, up the stairs.
Sense of dread inside your head.

Dark trees, darkened house,
no longer have that sense of dread?

Come closer now, you’re almost there
Welcome to the vampire’s lair!

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #31 photo prompt.
Image credit: Art Tower on Pixabay

52 thoughts on “Thriller, chiller!

    • Thanks, Matthew! But I can’t take the credit for the images for these ‘What do you see’ pieces. These are weekly picture prompts from Sadje’s ‘Keep it Alive’ blog. Since they arrive at 9am on Mondays (my time) I find them a good kick off to my writing week.

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  1. This reminds me of the fictional character Barnabas Collins on the series Dark Shadows. That could be his house! Loved the video with Vincent Price. I had no idea he recreated his Thriller voice over.

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