On the Threshold

The image shows an old bearded man standing on a stone staircase that is leading to a tower. In the background you can see mountains enshrouded in clouds.

Each time he asks:
life well-lived or just a bystander?

Young soul or old,
are you still curious?

Will you go round again?
do more, or better this time?

The wheel of life: 
treadmill or merry-go-round?

Will you go round again?
learn more, and see more this time?

Turning on and endlessly on
the wheel of life

Will you go round again
or leave at the terminus?

Your choice.
Will you go round again?


Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #38 photo prompt.
Image credit: Stefan Keller on Pixabay

35 thoughts on “On the Threshold

  1. Yes please, and I’d like to do more and better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take that understanding with us? Can you put in a good word for me? What a lovely poem, Chris.

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  2. Some days it seems like one could answer each question ‘yes’ twice.
    It would be nice to slow down without the fear of having to choose… or at least have the ability to choose wisely.

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