You dance for us too

We watch you dance in the sunlight
admiring your graceful fluidity
your total abandonment
to your art.

We watch you dance from our windows
confined inside, with limbs
no longer able

to obey.

That freedom, which once was ours
lives on, as we watch
while you dance
for us too.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #44 photo prompt.
Image credit: Joel Valve – Unsplash

60 thoughts on “You dance for us too

  1. As within so without!
    It seems we’re on the cusp of a local lockdown at this time, Chris, so we’ll have to watch on as the ‘free world’ dances too (should it happen!)
    Another nice poem. I like your feeling of movement.

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  2. This strikes to my postpartum self–so many out and about when I felt trapped inside taking care of littles. Now everyone’s dancing off in different directions, and I can’t clone myself to keep up! xxxxxx


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