Way up here…

Written in response to Sadjes What Do You See #45 photo prompt.
Image credit: Ian Dooley – Unsplash

60 thoughts on “Way up here…

  1. Oh wow, Chris this morning s superb. I love how you’ve written the poem in the shape and poem n colors of the balloon. Truly amazing. Thanks a lot for joining in the challenge

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  2. I loved this so much! Awesomely done. Perfect words, perfect shape, perfect colours… a perfect take on this prompt Chris.
    My mom had similar thoughts before going on a hot air balloon ride and it did land somewhere in the greens due to a small problem.. 🙂 it was fixed soon too … but i smile listening to the story 🙂

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  3. Yeah, um, don’t think so, lol. While no doubt an amazing experience, my fear of heights would not allow me into that basket. I love how you combined color and shape to reflect the prompt photo. Well written and imo, totally open to interpretation, which is always fun 😀

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  4. Nicely done and presented, Chris!
    I’ve seen a couple of (a quick Internet search tells me the collective noun, although it may not be the right one!) festivals of hot air balloons, but only from the ground. I bet they’re really magical up there!

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