Sands of Time

For visually challenged reader, the image shows a person walking in a desert, dwarfed by huge sand dunes. A long line of their footsteps can be seen behind them

at the back of the throat
chords strung taut
bloated tongue, swells
says nothing.

runs through the hourly glass
empty now
confession calls
tell nothing.

sands of time spilling out
dunes shifting
time, after all
is nothing.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #46 photo prompt.
Image credit: Dan Grinwis – Unsplash

40 thoughts on “Sands of Time

  1. Wonderful poem! Loved it thoroughly.
    My thoughts seem to have run parallel to yours for a short while; have used the thought of hour glass breaking and sands of time spilling out to depict “troubled times”. Uploading mine shortly. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Goutam 🙂 I’ve noticed a few times that a number of us meet the challenge in similar ways. Reading the different interpretations is really interesting and why I enjoy these so much. I look forward to reading yours!

      Liked by 1 person

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