Treasure Island

He’s sailed around the seven seas
with plumed hat, sword and swagger
he’s crossed the oceans, plumbed the depths
in search of golden treasure.

Hail me hearties, brave and true
he stands with dagger raised
as maidens swoon and young men cheer
he doffs his hat to all.

Now stranded on a distant shore
on an island far away
the last man of his crew alive
he scans the seas each day.

But finally, a ship appears
the Captain’s surely saved
with heaps of gold and strings of pearls
there’s much he has to offer.

Once more he sails across the seas
with plumed hat, sword and dagger
and rues the day he set a course
for Blackbeard’s Isle of Treasure.

Image credit: Tumisu @ Pixabay

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #95 photo prompt.

The image shows a pirate with treasure chest on one open page of a book and a ship on the other. Random alphabets are scattered in the space in between..

70 thoughts on “Treasure Island

  1. Love the rhythm infused in these lines – like a pirate ship on the ocean. You’ve definitely captured the pirate’s sentiments. Sounds like you might know a bit about finding treasure yourself? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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