Spam Update

Thank you written in chips

It looks as if my spam woes have been resolved!

A big thank you to everyone who fished me out and dragged me dripping from your spam folders this week, frequently clutching a pile of repeated comments. Dusted down and dried out, you kindly unspammed my messages, and now 🀞 normal service has been resumed.

I’m not sure if those ‘Happiness Engineers’ had a hand in it. They didn’t say. But anyway, I’m happily back to making my usual round of visits, reading and commenting on your wonderful words 😊

See you soon!

Have a great weekend!

48 thoughts on “Spam Update

  1. I don’t think they 86ed you on my site. O_o Huh. I’m sorry for the woes though and Monty Python is a superb way to start the day (sans spam of course). Spam *shudder* 😬 It’s truly an acquired taste.

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    • Fortunately, I escaped falling into your spam, Melanie! The spam from a tin is both an acquired taste and an acquired texture if memory serves 😝 but a bit of MP makes up for it. 😁


  2. A word of warning if anyone falls into my spam folder they will be lost in the ether my spam folder gets bigger by the day(WP) was no help … I am getting upwards of 300/400 spam comments a day …sigh

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