Writing Challenge – The E-Book TBR Pile

Wonderful writer, reader and reviewer, Diana of Myths of the Mirror blog has thrown down her velvet gauntlet for a fun writing challenge. Here’s what she says: “I don’t know anyone who owns a Kindle (or other ebook reader) and isn’t buried in books. We groan as we add more to the stack… then laugh about it and buy more! That’s my situation anyway.”

That’s my situation too!

Here are the details of Diana’s challenge – The Teetering TBR Pile – the challenge is open until 23 January if you’d like to join in too.

This is my response:

Ode to My Kindle

Kindle, my Kindle, how do you compare
to those wretched stacks of curling pages
whose covers dim in daylight’s brightness
spines rendered unreadable by old age?

Shelves piled high with neither rhyme nor reason
unruly stacks wobbling and tottering
set to tumble in thunderous cascades
engulfing unwary readers in words.

Kindle, my Kindle, how long has it been
since first we browsed those virtual bookshelves
hovering o’er Amazon’s icons bright
daring downloads at the click of a key?

Far have we travelled by land, air and sea
since I first loaded a heap of beach reads
oh, my Kindle, faithful companion
never rejecting yet another book.


While you’re here, fellow overstuffed e-readers, can I just tempt you to just one more teensy-weensy book? The book birthday freebie offer I was running has finished, but you can download Song of the Sea Goddess for a snip: USA ~ UK ~ IND ~ AUS ~ CAN ~ ESP ~ South Africa and the Rest of the World

44 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – The E-Book TBR Pile

  1. This is so very true. I am currently running my own challenge strangely enough, to read through my shelf books this year and offload what l don’t need in favour of simply utilising the kindle. Great ode Chris.

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    • It’s true that I love my Kindle, but I still love the smell and feel of paper despite what I said. Good luck with your challenge, Rory! I’m beginning to think my unread shelf books will outlast me.

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      • Hey Chris, as do l . A Kindle is great for convenience, efficiency and light mobility. BUT, it’s not a book. I’ll still keep my favourites in book form because they are from my yesterdays.

        The other thing or downside with a K is that if you are performing research, that is when books are in their element, you can have several on the bedside at once like now. I have perhaps 8 books that l am reading snippets of a night, but l only have one kindle and you can’t achieve the same work load.

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  2. Well done. I treat my Kindle well (kind words, stroke it now and then) because as my eyes age and my fingers curl up, I can still make the font bigger and the light brighter, and books are there for the taking. 🙂

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