The image shows two skeleton’s hands reaching towards a digital device enveloped in purple-pink haze.

fingers slipping
joints clicking
every moment counts
digits creaking
thoughts fading
time is running out
no more posting
no more scrolling
you can’t WhatsApp me now
battery’s dying
signal’s failing


Image credit: 8machine@ Unsplash
The image shows two skeleton’s hands reaching towards a digital device enveloped in purple-pink haze.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What Do You See #122 photo prompt

A picture of a tin of spam

A Cry for Help!

Yep, my little spam problem is back *sigh*
If you see I’ve just popped a like in your post, please check your spam. Very likely you’ll find me there fuming. Please fish me out🎣

110 thoughts on “Flatline

  1. There was no reading this one slowly. With an undercurrent of urgency, the words and form insisted otherwise.
    Top shelf, Chris.

    [sorry. reference automatic. was at the SS Café and Bistro until 5 am. dragging just a bit.]

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  2. Nice, Chris! You’ve captured the digital insanity perfectly. I see so many glued to their phones as they walk unseeing in car parks and along busy paths–young and old alike. It’s like their very existence is dependent on seeing the next unimportant piece of digital nothingness.

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  3. Rhymes from the depths of our reality!
    Currently putting your words over the beginning motif of John Petrucci’s Jaws of Life!! 🎸🍻

    (By mistake I pasted a link of a video of people meeting lamp posts while texting…🤣, responding to your earlier comment)

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  4. I added an extra ‘ow, ow ow!’ at the end, as I read it Chris… I carried on after the clicking stopped! 😊
    I’m on my mobilius phoneus now, where it can be tricky checking the spam folder, so I’ll have a look later.
    Oops. Just walked into a lamppost there! 🤣

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  5. This poem captures the irritation of a dying phone perfectly. This happened to me on the last day of our weekend away (Sunday morning bush drive). I had plugged in my phone to charge but the connection was loose at the wall and it didn’t charge. So irritating. I had to use my ipad and it doesn’t take such good pictures.

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  6. Boy oh, boy. The tech stuff is only good when it is working!
    I’m kinda glad I grew up in a time when all the new tech wasn’t there – and I got to develop my imagination!

    I remember my grandparents console box television – it got ‘color’ by putting a screen on the front that was in thirds, the top, blue, the middle pink (for faces…) and green for the bottom – ground. Now there are so many stations to choose from, but nothing good to watch!

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