Chris has got a new book out!

Read yourself into the venue via my second Six Sentence Story this week. The Prompt Word (helpfully) was BOOK.

A neon sign lights up the narrow side street which leads to the Six Sentence Café and Bistro where a bearded man waits, watching as a minivan draws up. The driver leans out of her window and waves, and a leather-jacket-clad man wearing dark glasses, despite the lateness of the hour, emerges from the vehicle carrying a box marked ‘books’.

Low-lit ambience and laid back vibes wash over the now-iconic interior, where sunflowers grace every table, and the author, fidgeting with her special book-signing pen, observes the figures who drift into the room, each familiar from their glowing presence in cyberspace.

The scene is set, D has done a marvellous job; passing the author’s table, now loaded with shiny new books, she places a calming hand on her shoulder, winking at a recent arrival, who slides into a side booth with an enigmatic smile, indicating the bottle of apricot liqueur that’s partly concealed within her capacious handbag.

Returning to the bar, backlit by the reflections in the long mirror, D gives a nod to the MC. The tall, slender man strides onto the stage and offers a lavish introduction to the now inwardly-quaking author, who lays her pen aside and advances.


Now on stage, I turn and survey the room, shading my eyes against the spotlight, I can’t see you properly, but I know you’re all here. Thanks so much for coming to the launch of my new novel, Spirit of the Shell Man.

I have to admit, I’m a little overwhelmed.

My heart-felt thanks goes to my fellow Proprietors of the SSC&B who’ve done so much to set up our little soirée, and to my ARC readers, Chris Nelson, Paula Light and Gretchen Bernet-Ward who have offered such encouragement in their feedback and reviews. Chris recently posted his review on his blog – I’m thrilled with it – you can read it here.

Okay, that’s enough from me, I’m no good at this self-promotion stuff, but since the audiobook version is being recorded at the moment, here’s a foretaste from Chapter 7, beautifully narrated as always by the wonderful Terry Lloyd Roberts.

Spirit of the Shell Man by Chris Hall in paperback and ebook

Grab your copy here!
South Africa and the Rest of the World

As you’ve heard, the audiobook is being recorded at the moment and will be available soon.


PS – catch you later at the after-party🍸🎷🎸it wasn’t just books in the back of that van!

92 thoughts on “Chris has got a new book out!

  1. Everything up and running!
    You better brace yourself cause the line outside goes all the way to Sam’s Deli!

    And Chris just nailed it with his review; drink’s on the house for the man!
    That is if you agree D…!

    Godspeed Chris!
    To your success!!!

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  2. The (enigmatic) woman in the side booth is now deeply engrossed in her kindle, but looks up, raises her glass of apricot cocktail to Chris and calls across, ‘You got this! No need to be nervous. That taster reading is beautiful. I’d say more, but I want to get back to Spirit of the Shell Man. See you at the after-launch party! Slàinte Mhath!’ And with that she turns back to her kindle.
    Congratulations, Chris! 🙂

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  3. (ah…shuffling papers)
    (further shuffling of papers… mutters)

    Please, please! You will all have the opportunity to speak with our guest of honour.

    I’ll be brief.

    On behalf of the other five Proprietors I’d like to thank Chris, not only for choosing the Six Sentence Café and Bistro as the virtual location for the launch of her most recent book launch, but for being a part of the Seven Proprietors.

    In the way of most groups that form around a common interest, Chris has provided an influence and insight to the SSC&B for which we members are gladly in debt to her.

    Ms. Hall? Perhaps you might come up and say a few words?

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  4. lol (to previous Comment)
    On behalf of the Ancient Order of Anonymous Commentationers… I want to thank Chris for the opportunity to convey our personal appreciation for her participation in the SSC&B (or as Henry would say “We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers”)

    Congrats Chris

    PS Denise asked me to rely that her phone has gone all Gattaca on her and she’ll be here asap

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  5. Sorry I’m a little late, Chris, I stopped off at Sam’s Deli on the way over here!
    Congratulations on your new book yet again.
    And nervous? What’s there to be nervous about? Sit back and enjoy it! 😀
    I feel like a stranger in a crowded room right now, but I’m sure I’ll get to know at least some folk over time.
    I’ll be back shortly… I’m just nipping back to the deli… I’ve left Beryl arguing over the bill…! 😉

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  6. I first listened to the recording and the narrator is a great choice. Next I browsed the bookstore to learn something more about Chris. She describes herself as compulsive. I would go a step further and say she is positively possessed with story telling. Lucky us!

    I then wrote a little six sentence ditty as my entry fee to the party.

    Each day I boot up and go to WordPress.
    And think of ideas I want to express.

    SixSentenceStories makes my heart break.
    For silly little poems is all I can make.

    Happy am I for the joy writers bring.
    And in return for them I will sing.

    I wrote some new words to an old tune and posted it in March, 2016. The words are still true today. I hope you like it.

    I’m not sure how to put the link here and will soon find out if it works.

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  7. Love your launch-night-Six, Chris, and it was a treat for me to carry those boxes of books from the vehicle into the premises! I was wearing my best night-time shades too 😎
    Enjoy the vibes and many a well-earned drink this eve. You’re in good company, but so too are we with you 😊🤩

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  8. Chris! Huge congratulations again!
    Why yes, we are over capacity at the SSC&B but not to worry. Had a chat with the Fire Marshall last week. All’s good 😎
    Knowing you (and everyone else) are in the mood for a big celebration, I suspect they’ll be no closing time…not until the authorities come in, try to shut us down. Have some other business to tend but in the meantime, enjoy the music, the food, the company and keep signing those copies of the Spirit of the Shell Man 🙂
    (yo, Sophomore – make sure the next band’s ready to go on….and don’t be giving the mimi a hard time)

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  9. Oh sweet, I love this, the plot and the direct speeches make it simply amazing. The narration is quite clear and compelling. I love the tonal variation and the personification of animal characters. You’re a great narrator and story-teller, Chris.

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