Stepping Out

Vermillion streaks of swirling silk
illuminate the slate-grey dawn
while fervent feet, with careful steps
traverse the open gates of morn’

Viridian hues tint distant trees
beckoning the breaking day
while eager feet, with girlish grace
greet the golden sun’s first ray

Violet veils shroud verdant hills
soft’ning lofty umber peaks
while dancing feet, with tender tread
roam the purple path she seeks.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #64 photo prompt.

Image credit: Timur Kozmenko
The image is of a girl dressed in a red swirling frock walking towards open gates. The gates appear to be of oriental origin and are very tall. From the open gate you can see mountains visible through a cloudy sky.

Shine a Light

This year at midnight
I’m going to light a candle
as a beacon of hope
and a symbol of peace

This year at midnight
I’m going to gaze at the moon
and know that you
see that same moon

This year at midnight
I’m going to look up at the stars
and know that we
share the bond of friendship

Let us shine
in the darkness

On a life well lived

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows an old woman whose face is deeply lined. There is a faint smile on her face.
Mirth plays around your mouth miming multi-coloured mischief of an occasionally ill-judged youth. Fun feathers your forehead framing joyous recollections of halcyon days soaked in summer sunshine.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #52 photo prompt.
Image credit: Pisauikan – Pixabay

Navigating these Stormy Seas

The picture shows a stormy sea with an old ship battling the winds.

Hold hard, me handsome hearties!

He yells above the storm

Together we’ll get through this

if our duties we perform.


Through stormy days and stormy nights

our trusty craft will sail

So have a care and to your posts

and we’ll survive this gale.


Through life’s uncertainties we’ll steer

a course that’s not foretold

We’ll overcome the challenges

with the fortitude of old.


So join me now and have good cheer

cast all your doubts away

with hope and strength and kindness

we’ll survive another day.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #26 photo prompt.
Image credit: Thommas on Pixabay

Together we are strong

wdys 24 the picture shows a neon sign with the words You Are Here in the background a view of city lights

In that darkest hour
just before dawn
when night-time terrors
clutch my heart

You are here.

In black-dog moments
when tears well up
and despair’s dark hands
wrench me apart

You are here.

When sunbeams stream forth
as storm clouds part
and laughter and song
fill my heart

You are here.

And we will survive
this troubled world
because together, my love
we are strong.

Written as a ‘two for one’ prompt response to:

1) Sadjes What Do You See #24 photo prompt – photo credit: Pexels.
2) Di of Pensitivity 101‘s Three Things Challenge #198 – phobia, cry, laugh (loosely)

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