Together we are strong

wdys 24 the picture shows a neon sign with the words You Are Here in the background a view of city lights

In that darkest hour
just before dawn
when night-time terrors
clutch my heart

You are here.

In black-dog moments
when tears well up
and despair’s dark hands
wrench me apart

You are here.

When sunbeams stream forth
as storm clouds part
and laughter and song
fill my heart

You are here.

And we will survive
this troubled world
because together, my love
we are strong.

Written as a ‘two for one’ prompt response to:

1) Sadjes What Do You See #24 photo prompt – photo credit: Pexels.
2) Di of Pensitivity 101‘s Three Things Challenge #198 – phobia, cry, laugh (loosely)

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47 thoughts on “Together we are strong

  1. This is a really good song lyric its got everything. If you put it to music it would be super, every verse lulling the listener into another world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Michael! I hadn’t thought of it as a lyric but I can see now, after the distance of a few weeks since writing the poem, how the rhythm does lend itself to a tune. Unfortunately I’m not quite so musical as you.

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  2. Hello thanks for the like, I have started on the putting a melody to your poem. It seems so good so far i suppose. There were two or three attempts at finding a tune. At first, I thought it Roxy music style . . . I know! Best regards 🙂 Smily mike

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is very exciting, Mike! – I’ve no objection to Roxy Music… one of the sounds I grew up with. My musical taste is pretty eclectic – anything last century… 🙂


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