Inside the Castle of Mandoran

Closed Iron Doors

Sinead and Moonsprite stood before the castle walls. Sinead grasped the Sword of Elshain in one hand and buried the fingers of her other hand in the unicorn’s snowy mane.

The huge iron doors of the castle swung open. ‘Lay aside your weapon. We welcome you!’ Was the voice inside Sinead’s head or did it come from within the castle walls? Moonsprite nuzzled her shoulder and she sheathed her sword.

Together they crossed over the threshold. The doors clanged shut behind them.

Flowers carpeted the castle grounds. Breathing in their heady perfume, Sinead began to relax for the first time in many weeks. Moonsprite whinnied gently, burying her muzzle in the brightly coloured petals.

Ahead of them another door creaked open and a cloaked figure appeared, holding a massive hound on a leash.

The figure beckoned with a crooked finger. ‘Come inside, both of you!’

Sinead and Moonsprite dutifully obeyed.

Written in response to a prompt from Susan T. Braithwaite
Genre Scribes Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #40

The challenge this week was leash. Photo credit: Kevin Jackson on Unsplash

Sinead and Moonsprite apologise for hi-jacking this week’s challenge, but they have an important quest to complete. Previous episodes of their quest may be found here

16 thoughts on “Inside the Castle of Mandoran

  1. This installment highlights the courage of Sinead and Moonsprite as they enter the castle walls without hesitation. They did not look back when the doors shut tight. They are tired from their journey, but Sinead was able to relax. I wonder if it was because of the voice she heard? A commanding male voice or a soothing female voice? Either way, she put her sword away. Not sure I could have done so with a cloaked figure ahead! Enjoying this series Chris!

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  2. Hehehe! Even though I know what happens next, I’m still intrigued. It may have been a good idea for me to play catch up from the earliest post, Chris, thinking about it now! 😊🙂

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