Thoughts on publishing today and in the 90s

The Cat's Write

by Ken Harrison

I started writing as Keith Wilkins for extra cash back in the ’90s when you could make a quick buck writing short stories for porn magazines. I also wrote book reviews for a local LGBT newspaper, Bay Windows, but short stories paid more. I was a regular contributor to such magazines as In Touch, Indulge, Blueboy, and Mandate. My fiction appeared in other magazines here and there, but those were the ones that published the bulk of my stories. Let me tell you, it was the best part-time job I ever had.

It wasn’t until I published my first short story collection through Leyland Publications, Daddy’s Boys, that I used my full name, Kenneth Harrison. My publisher was the one who talked me into using my real name, and I’m glad I did. These days, I use Ken Harrison, which is what people actually call me.

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