3 Struggles Only a Writer Will Understand

I can relate to this. How about you?

A Writer's Path

by Liam Cross

As writers, we’re often referred to as some of the strangest, most misunderstood members of society, and it’s a theme that has certainly carried down from generation to generation. It’s probably to do with the creative lifestyle – always obsessing over a project and never being able to properly switch off.

It’s like we have this constant creative buzz in the back of our minds that is ready to erupt at any moment, spilling countless ideas and caffeine-induced plot outlines out into the real world. I say real world because at least eighty percent of our minds are occupied by fiction that was either penned by us, or by some other richer, much more talented writer.

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2 thoughts on “3 Struggles Only a Writer Will Understand

  1. Hi Chris! I have to say in reading this article that I can relate to the struggle of looking at someone else’s work and feeling “sad” (here we would say “bummed out”, but don’t know what that might mean in South Africa with British English LOL). I have the same thing with drawing. I was going to draw a hedgehog for my ABC animals art journal so went online to find ideas. I found an artist who draws the most adorable hedgehogs and after that I didn’t even want to do a hedgehog! So I drew a hamster instead! Must be a universal feeling!

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    • Hi Debra, I also had that feeling when I visited my favourite second hand book shop recently. It’s a huge building and every shelf and table is packed with books. I just thought ‘there are so many books out there… what hope for one more?’ Sigh!
      PS – I’m sure you can draw a very cute hedgehog!

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