NaNoWriMo – hitting the buffers

nanowrimo 2018

Week 4

Last day, last update!

Buffer Bashing NaNoWriMo LunasonlineWell, to continue the railway analogy: I haven’t run out of steam (far from it), but I have run out of time. But only just. I’m nearly there.

I might manage to squeeze another chapter out before the end of today, but I’ll still won’t have finished. That’s fine.

It was always ‘my rules’, so I’m extending my deadline into next week. And why not? Then I will have a completed ‘rough-ish’ first draft to work on next year.
It will be a good start to 2019.

So, how was it for me?

It was a good experience.
I enjoyed it.
It hasn’t mattered that I didn’t quite reach my goal.
I wrote every single day (apart from two Thursdays, which I’d anticipated).

Other priorities permitting, I discovered that I can write more, and I can write more quickly without (I believe) compromising on quality.

Would I do it again? Quite possibly.

So, all you other ‘NaNoWriMos’ out there. How was it for you?
I hope you achieved success – however you care to measure it – and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! See you next year?

Normal service will be resumed shortly.


11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – hitting the buffers

    • Thanks Debra! I really enjoyed your ‘Can’t have too many…’ post: we can really relate to that! You should see Cliff’s art room (actually you shouldn’t) and I’m with you on everything else; plus notebooks. I can’t have too many of those. You’re kitchen looks fantastic. I love the colours. I hadn’t heard the term Talavera before. ‘Mid-century’ ha ha, with you on that!
      And to anyone out there who might be reading this and wondering what I’m talking about, have a look at Debra’s blog – – it’s a full of lovely stories and crafty ideas. She’ll have you laughing out loud.

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      • Hi Chris! Glad you liked the “too many” post! I seriously did think about putting notebooks in there too, but was too lazy to find pictures. I can barely go past the office supply section in a store and not see one I would like to get 😋 Thanks for the compliment on the kitchen too! I like those colors a lot too. (And yeah, “Mid-century”, who would have thought?) My “mission” to make my house and yard colorful and whimsical kind of goes back to my post “Coffee and Pretty Things”, I can’t remember if you have seen that one or not, it’s one of my older ones.
        Thanks also for your kind words about the blog in general! That was super nice of you😀

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        • Hi Debra, I just went to look up your ‘Coffee and Pretty Things’ – I hadn’t seen it. Very poignant, how sad for you to lose your husband Mark. It sounds like he might be looking down on you, gently shaking his head and smiling a lot. Then I spotted ‘My First Year with Mom’, what a dear little kitten Foster was! And such a fine cat now, of course 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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          • Thanks for your reply to “Coffee and Pretty Things”! I think you’re right about Mark looking down smiling and shaking his head. Also I’m glad you liked “My First Year With Mom”. I went back to read it over myself since you mentioned it. Hard to believe Foster was ever that small! 😊 Have a great day (or evening, I guess, given the time difference!)

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