Are email notifications from WordPress jamming up your inbox?

This is really helpful if you don’t know all the ins and outs of managing your notifications!

Keep it alive

When I started by blog, I didn’t know much about how to manage the notifications in my app and my computer/ laptop.

As I got into the groove, my readership grew and each and every time anyone commented, liked or followed my blog, I would get an email. So in addition to writing, reading and commenting a new task was added. That of deleting hundreds of emails from my inbox. This not only consumed a lot of time but caused a lot of irritation to me.

Every time I received an email with a notification, I was asked if I was getting too many emails and if I wanted to reduce the number of emails. I would try to uncheck the different boxes in the hopes of reducing the influx of these emails, but no substantial improvement happened.

Then one day I hit the jackpot! I found out how I…

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6 thoughts on “Are email notifications from WordPress jamming up your inbox?

    • If I understand what you’re asking, if a person is trying to build up their ‘following’ particularly with a view to making future sale (of their books or artworks for example), then it is useful to build up a mailing list to target people who’ve already bought into their concept. Then they can send out mailshots to people who they know are likely to be interested in what they have to offer.
      It’s not something I have tried myself and in fact the aim of the above post is to cut down on inward emails, which is something rather different.
      Does that help? Anyone else out there care to comment?

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