Space Cadets

Hanson Lu on Unsplash
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

We peer out at the blank, barren landscape. Having landed, we’re not sure where we are. Or for that matter, ‘when’ we are. That’s the problem if you borrow the Professor’s Special Space Machine without asking.

But she’d shown it to us, tempted us. That’s the problem with having someone like the Professor coaching you for entry to the Space Academy.

But hold on, who’s that up ahead? Look, she’s waving.

We hurry forward into the bleak barrenness, but before we reach her, there is an ear-splitting sound. Everything goes black.

Later, when we come round, we are strapped into hard, upright seats facing a large spherical console. The Professor is standing opposite us.

We start to speak, but she holds up her hand for silence. “I’m sorry. I know you wanted to join the Space Academy, but I’m afraid the Great Zyborgatron has other plans.” She smiles weakly. “He did grant me one last request, however.”

Plates of burgers and chips materialize before us. We look at her; what did she say?

“Well go on,” she urges, indicating the food.

We eat. We devour the lot. It’s the best burger and chips we’ve ever had.

Then everything goes black.

Onwards to episode 2


17 thoughts on “Space Cadets

      • The ideas either need to come wrapped in a tidy little package or not as all…lol. I am reworking one now to see what (if anything) Medium is like. Not that I would ever leave WP. Medium seems to prefer long stories and WP likes short ones.

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        • Medium is worth a try, especially since you can get something back for your ‘claps’. It has a different audience to WP. As with everything, you need to put in the time. I’ve started to build up a following after 8-9 months, but you’re much more diligent than me.

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          • Well, I have around 30 people that you could really call a following on here. I looked through my followers list and have never seen or heard from hundreds of them. I don’t know how people gain thousands of followers. My stats tank when I stop hosting challenges (understandable, don’t get me wrong), post less than 8 times a day (that is the sweet spot for 300-350 views for the day), and when I stop doing others’ prompts.

            All I can offer is my writing. Take it or leave it. I have been blogging for 10 months and I feel like I’m back in high school with all the little cliques running around. I love what little interaction I get and I don’t really expect Medium to be any different. I know it’s me and not my readers. I have always sucked at interpersonal skills lol.

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          • I am really confused by Medium’s stats but hey at least one new person read the story I posted yesterday … that’s something lol

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