Where Writers Get Stuck: Marketing

This article gave me a little prod of encouragement when it comes to marketing. I’m clearly not putting enough energy into my efforts and I need to re-double this for my forthcoming novel ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

A Writer's Path

by Allison Maruska

Now it’s time for the super secret post you’ve all been waiting for. Remember this Twitter poll?

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2 thoughts on “Where Writers Get Stuck: Marketing

  1. I agree with their position to a certain degree. I think some books (very genre based and specific) books fare better than others. Literature is not like other products. The laws of supply and demand do not exist and with the open-entry nature of it now with self-publishing, it is a reader’s market so to speak. You have to take that into consideration when marketing. You can already narrow your potential market simply by saying what kind of book it is. The majority of readers are self-proclaimed genre-specific readers. That makes marketing easier if you write in a genre. Hashtags help in that regard, but what if you don’t? Generalized advice articles work wonders for mass appeal works. On the other hand, the advice given can also backfire with readers like me. If I see someone talking too often about their book (even in the “hey check out this review” or “thanks for this review” posts) it puts me off their book. Having others talk about reviews or pointing out positive things about the book is much different than self promotion. I know most will not agree with my views on marketing, but hey, I’m used to that lol.

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  2. Fair point. But I know for sure by simply leaving a book out there and not drawing attention to it, no-one will see it and no-one will read it. My Amazon stats prove it. When I’ve done a little push, I’ve got Kindle Unlimited readers and even a teeny-weeny number of sales. When I’ve done nothing, there’s been nothing. If you can get others talking so much the better, of course.


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