Flight of fancy

Flight of Fancy by Chris Hall lunasonline

I watched a dragonfly today

Blue-bright body, wings of lace

Like a little ‘copter

or a miniature drone.


I watched a dragonfly today

Circle, hover, perch, take flight

Like a tiny bi-plane

or a teensy flying-boat.


I watched a dragonfly today

And this time looked more closely

Admired its engineering

Saw the faerie in the cockpit.

11 thoughts on “Flight of fancy

  1. PS: I’m intrigued by the book “bits” you’ve shared on the right side of front page–and making a library list, so thank you much!

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      • I never liked them before a camping trip I took with friends about 30 years ago. I was standing by the lake in the heat and all kinds of insects were buzzing around. Something landed on my shirt and I knew it was a dragonfly. I looked down expecting to be horrified but was stunned at its beauty. It was all shades of iridescent purple, blue, and green. That’s the day I began to love them. No creature could be that lovely who hasn’t garnered favor with the infinite.

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