Ducking Under the Radar


Okay, those of you who’ve been following the unfolding story of ‘A Nick in Time’, my children’s novel, will know we are reaching the climax and soon the story will draw to a (very satisfactory) close.

I’ve decided to devote the next couple of weeks to doing just that, so I shall be going rather quieter than usual, although I will be popping up now and then to see what you’re all up to.

One more cliff-hanging chapter will appear here, but the ultimate finale will remain undisclosed until the story is ready for publication. Then you, loyal followers of ‘A Nick in Time’ (and you know who you are), will receive a free advance copy of the ebook.ย 

Bear with me. If I work hard it shouldn’t be too long.

see you soon



13 thoughts on “Ducking Under the Radar

      • We did indeed! Gotta keep those readers on tender-hooks for the finale payoff. Aw, that’s so incredibly kind of you! I’m so humbled that you feel I’m worth it. Thank you for always being a supportive reader of my stories & leaving such encouraging feedback for a fellow writer. ๐Ÿ˜€ It means so much to me. โค

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