NaNoWriMo Week #1

nanowrimo 2019

Okay, I can’t stop long: brain to squeeze, imagination to let fly, words to get down…

I was feeling confident to begin with; I had a bit of a head start: the main characters were waiting for me and I already had parts of their stories. Some of you might remember, young Sam and his little boat, Johannes the retired engineer, feisty Albertina, the two little aunties and shopkeeper Abdul.

So I spent a day or two reviewing and re-writing. Big mistake! I wasn’t getting the flow. No-one speaking to me, so no-one was guiding the story ahead. (You have to remember, I sit back and let my characters do the work).

Temporary crisis of confidence. Why am I doing this? There’s nothing there! NO story to tell!

But then I ran out of old stuff and started out again. Now we are moving forward. Scenes are emerging before my eyes, there is an overarching theme, there’s going to be a road trip, and I can see a little vervet monkey sitting on a book shelf. The monkey tells me he’s called Felix, but I’m not sure where he fits in yet. But he will.

Oh, and there will be mystery… and magic… and a stick fight…


Heads back down, fellow NaNoWriters! I hope it’s going well.

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week #1

  1. Glad you found your way back to Fantasy-land.
    Today seem to be a tough day to even start writing, But there are still a little more than 6 hours left. Something will appear. It always does. Some character will say something or do something. He or she always does.
    Yesterday I, for some reason I don’t know, left two of them drinking coffee and whisky, and eating dark Belgian chocolate. Don’t even remember I wrote that. And even worse – it doesn’t fit in the story even one bit. Totally wrong.

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  2. I’ve also been unofficially NaNoWriMo-ing and I hit the exact same wall a few days back, wondering if I even have a story at all. Glad to read I’m not alone and even more glad to read you’re moving forward again! Ooh magic and stick fights… can’t wait.

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