You still have to sell!

Writers, we love to write, don’t we? That’s the best, even if NaNoWriMo can make us a little jittery (I know I had a wobble last week). But if you’re a writer, or an artist or creative of any kind, you know how wonderful it feels to be in the zone.

The converse of this: you still have to sell. 

For indie authors, it’s all down to us.

This is why friend and fellow author, Paul English and I were selling our books at the local car boot sale last Saturday. My husband Cliff was there too with his some of his lovely artworks. He’s a very important member of the team as he has the transport (that’s his bakkie in the background) and the tables and the all-important awning were borrowed from his school.

I have to tell you, it was not a great success. I sold a copy of ‘The Silver Locket’ very early on, but that was it! No other sales of anything! A couple of sniffs… and a couple of people said they’d come back next time. And there will be a next time, in two weeks.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a lovely book for a Christmas present?

Ah well, there’s always next time.

Meanwhile I’m planning some Black Friday and holiday offers – stay tuned out there!

24 thoughts on “You still have to sell!

  1. Well done for trying Chris. Book sales are extremely hard to push, promotoe and market so literally well done for getting out there ane trying to encourage sales 🙂

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      • I think the answer in today’s world Chris is as in IS to do different things – we are overwhelmed with so much information daily that we don’t know what to do first – so when something different happens and the information is delivered differently to the norm, we tend to listen – so who knows perhaps you might have something there?

        How about having severa people read your poetry, different ways, then record them and have your poetry being played during the sale – thereofre it displays that many people read your literature but each person’s interpretation is different to the next – because that is the beauty of poetry – ‘reflection’ 🙂

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          • Hey Chris – pleasure – it is your idea – l just tweaked it – but more important would be if it makes a difference to your sales . As you say and l agree -poetry is better received when heard – l write a lot of rhyming poetry and because of the very nature of the style it is written – it can be read several ways – l have heard some of my own stuff read out by different people and each time can be different and very pleasing 🙂

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