It’s all over now

nanowrimo 2019

The final week shuddered to a grinding halt yesterday, with not a single word more written since Thursday. ‘Life’ got in the way. 

Never mind.

The ‘life’ bit included trying to persuade people to help themselves to the free download of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ I’m pleased to say there has been some success so far, and the offer will still be running for almost another 24 hrs.

Back to NaNoWriMo. I didn’t quite reach my hoped-for word count of 30K, but I’m beyond 25K and story-wise I’m reaching the mid-point, although there are a few blank spaces in the chapters I’ve written so far. Compared to last year, I’m about two chapters shy of where I got to with Following the Green Rabbit, so I’m pretty satisfied.

Of course it isn’t all over. The story continues to drip forth. I’m hoping to have something approaching a completed MS by next Easter. Then comes the tricky bit. To paraphrase one of Mr Shakespeare’s characters: ‘To query or not to query?’

If you were participating in NaNoWriMo on any level, how was it for you?

11 thoughts on “It’s all over now

  1. Yes, it’s over! Congrats to that your story is progressing!

    I managed to reach the 50.000, but there’s so much bla bla to be deleted. On the other hand, I now have a good beginning of a story.

    I also, for the third time this year, was reminded of that this isn’t my way of writing. Blurbing out words like that, and then hardly remember anything about what I have written.

    Added to that, the pressure of ”must write” also this time made me quit writing after reaching the goal. Havn’t written anything at all since then. Well, I tried for two more days, but… 😱

    At least one can say, I have proved to myself I’m able to write lots of words in each session, and especially during the first two weeks or so, also some pretty good chapters were born.

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    • You’ve proved that you have the discipline to sit down and do it which is admirable! Okay, some of the words won’t fit in the end, but you have a lot to work with; always a plus. Don’t throw anything away though. I have a coupled of ‘parked’ folders where thoughts and words ran away from me. One or two have returned to be reworked and included elsewhere.
      Rest, relax, recuperate…
      I’m looking forward to see how you develop what you have.
      Happy writing, Thea 🙂


      • Thanks, Chris! There is absolutely a lot I have to delete. It doesn’t fit in the story at all. There is the story – just a little more than half of the 50.000, and so there is me rambling and pondering and asking myself about the story. Some kind of synopsis, though not particularly organized. Those couple of thousand words, don’t know how many, will be useful, I imagine, even though there aren’t any real scenes.
        The rest has absolutely nothing to do in the story.
        The worst part of being so disciplined to write this way, and succeed to reach the goal, is that I afterwords can’t write anything at all. Exactly the same occurred in April and July.

        I admire you who has written a lot, and still can go on working with your projects like you do. And publish as well. You are really good!

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        • That’s very kind of you to say, Thea 🙂
          I know my limitations, and I know that I’d never achieve 50,000 words in so short a space of time. I looked upon NaNo as an opportunity to let some things take a back seat and concentrate on giving the new book a kick start. It worked to a degree, but I found that forcing myself to right this time was less enjoyable. Slow and steady wins the race for me.
          Getting stories written and then self-publishing is the (relatively) easy bit. Okay, I’m accepting that only a handful of each will sell but if a few people enjoy what I write I can be happy with that.
          All I’d otherwise say, is keep going and enjoy 🙂


          • 😀
            I agree with you. Slow and steady is a much better way for me as well. I tried the NaNo way, reached the goal, learned what I am capable of, but it also backfired on me.
            I have a feeling I’ll have a lot more work in front of me with the story now, than if I had written it my “normal” way.
            At this point, I just hope I will be able to start working on it at all. It feels like I am standing before a huge unclimbable mountain.
            But I’ll give it some more time to rest.

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            • Give yourself permission to lay it aside – say until January – then you can come at it with fresh eyes. Do some short fun stuff this month to itch the writer’s scratch 🙂


            • I will!
              I actually have to take everything a bit easy. My body has become very stiff, so yesterday I went to a chiropractor. A very thorough examination. It’s due to an imbalanced (unbalanced?) nervous system, she said, and thus also there is an inflammation going on. Am due back there tomorrow to find out more from the test results, and what treatment I’ll have.

              Among other things, I guess – I’ve been worrying too much. Been afraid of getting another TIA. Better “worry” about this predicament, since one can do something about it, heal it.

              By the way! Yesterday I wrote two blogposts. Been more than a week since the last. So there is hope. 😀
              And I actually wrote a bit of this on my other Thea-blog, the one that proceeded this one. Thought it might be better not to mix topics too much. Maybe I’m wrong about that, can’t decide…


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  2. Congratulations! 25K in a month is amazing. As for querying… do it! Why not? Use it as an opportunity to write an enticing pitch that you can use in your blurb if you do end up self-publishing.


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