Black Friday Blues

Black Friday Blues by Chris Hall lunasonline

This weekend wasn’t the best time to try an ebook giveaway. I really should have known though, because if I’d checked on what happened this time last year, I wouldn’t have bothered.

So what happened? I hear you ask. Especially after the (northern hemisphere) summer giveaway of The Silver Locket did so well: 292 copies downloaded and up to #7 in the genre hit parade (albeit briefly).

Oh, but how quickly I’d forgotten the November 2018 debacle. A five day giveaway of the same book had resulted in just 20 copies downloaded. Now this year, buoyed up after the happy surprise of last August, disappointment reigned supreme again.

I was all over LinkedIn and more than a little bit on Twitter. I pitched in on Instagram and posted all over my personal Facebook page. Loyal friends locally liked and shared: one more download!

Of course it didn’t help that the Facebook Elves took 6 hours to approve my US ad. Maybe they were busy approving the million other ads (or were they busy giggling naughtily over the slightly racy start to chapter ten?). Or, when I tweaked the UK audience demographic yesterday morning, the edit was still under review 10 hours later, well past the Great British tea-time.

Two days of ‘bigging it up’ and busily checking the KDP reports. All for just 17 bites. Couldn’t I even give these away???

No! No, because everyone’s in a Massmart store filling their shopping carts with improbably-sized flat screen TVs, so huge that they totter precariously over the edge of the super-sized luminous pink trolleys they wheel, dodging and weaving through the slippery-floored over-peopled mall. (Or so my friend Jonathan told me. You don’t think I ventured out that day? Are you mad?).

Still, after a tiny flurry of downloads in Canada, You’ll Never Walk Alone peaked at a heady #47 in Romance Action and Adventure.

All wasn’t lost anyway. I have three free books from other indie authors to read on my Kindle.

Just remind me next year to concentrate on the last few days of NaNoWriMo and give the Black Friday thing a miss.

After all, wouldn’t we all rather be writing?


23 thoughts on “Black Friday Blues

  1. Awwh, that sucks Chris given all the efforts you took, but, but at least you got the word out there. 👏 👏 🕊🕊🕊 For I, I usually do post or pre sales and at times they workout. I am currently planning of a Post Cyber Week – Pre Festive Season Sale. Hang in there dear friend 🤗🤗🤗

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  2. I understand that frustration. We are living in a demi-decade of sensory overload. Streaming movie Apps, thousands of e-books, 200 + cable channels. That shiny new book cover is replaced by another shiny new cover before I can read the blurb about the first one. I think Joseph is right – have a post cyber week sale, as everyone is returning things maybe they will pick up something from you.

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  3. I’m sorry, Chris. I’ve heard enough stories like yours that I’m inclined to think it might be better for indie authors to focus more effort on releases before Thanksgiving and after New Years than putting our feet in the holiday swamp in between.

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  4. Aww, I’m sorry about your Black Friday efforts not going as planned! 😕 I agree with what Darnell said about our world being on sensory overload. I think it’s hard to be an Indie-anything. There are son many other things competing for people’s attention. I know my Zazzle store and Foster and Panda digital downloads are experiencing the same issues.

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  5. That sucks. Sorry you didn’t get the sales you were hoping for, folks should be snatching up your books! Black Friday is wild. I went shopping the day before (having not clicked on that it could be madness) and it was soooo busy… the discounts were already running and were advertised for the whole weekend. When did it even become a thing in the UK? I’m all for a bargain but not in exchange for my sanity!

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    • It’s the same here in South Africa: from something no-one’s ever heard of to utter madness! I suppose it’s like ‘trick or treat’. Mind you, SA happily adopts anything. Celebrating November 5th… although they have no clue what it represents… educational opportunity for the English woman.


  6. Ugh, I hear you. I didn’t market for beans in November, and now I’m trying to find my footing with a short giveaway this week. I think I’ve sold a couple so far, and that’s something. Dismal sales is just going to be a side effect of working full time, I guess? Ah well. We just need to keep on writing on, right? Hugs from Wisconsin! xxxxxxxxxx

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