That morning

Tthe photo shows a man, on a pier, in a carefree swinging movement. A body of water is visible in the background.

You danced for me
early that morning
when you walked me home
from the party.

Dawn was breaking,
early morning sun
shone over the river.
Your steps were so light,
we were both so free.

Now you dance no more.
But I at least still have that
early morning memory.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #28 photo prompt.
Image credit: Zhugher on Pixabay

41 thoughts on “That morning

    • It is, although when I started writing it wasn’t supposed to turn out like that. It’s strange the way my mind works. Maybe it’s to do with the uncertain times we’re living in.

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  1. when you write now he danced no more, it thought it was because it was a memory of happier younger days with a boyfriend, and yet now I see another interpretation in that the dancing person may have passed away. Am I close?

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    • You are very close, and it could be interpreted as such. What was actually in my mind when I wrote this was that the dancer could no longer dance, because of age/infirmity. Either way though, it was still a memory of happier younger days.


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