Night time lover

For visually challenged reader, the image shows a castle at night, it’s turrets and towers reflecting moonlight. A cloudy sky can be seen in the background.

Dressed in alabaster skin, I wait
beneath the unctuous black blanket of night.

Moonlight casts lascivious shadows
as I slide inside your cloak.

Moonlight illuminates your lurid lips
as I yield to dark desire.

Come morning, sunlight snatches you away
yet still you slide over my skin.

Until the next time
when darkness comes again.


Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #35 photo prompt.
Image credit: Pixabay


51 thoughts on “Night time lover

  1. As I read this piece, my mind reminded me about a comic-book series years ago featuring “Cloak and Dagger.” They had a co-dependence on each other. Dagger, had elements of light, Cloak, darkness. They were only seen when they wanted to be. Love your night imagery.

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  2. Oh yes… I too thought of a vampire right away! And I read all the books that were about that one family, the wolfs and the gal who fell in love with one of the vampires.

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