I fear for you

The image shows a baby monkey looking down from branches of a tree.

Little innocent one, so new to the world,
sniffing the air and feeling the breeze.
Is there a place for you?

Little innocent one, so new to the world,
feeling the smoke sting your eyes.
I fear for you.

What will you do when they cut down the trees
and just a patch of your forest is left?

Where will you run when the hunters come
to take you far from your home?

Oh Humanity, think what you’re doing!
Don’t you know her fate
is our future too?

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #41 photo prompt.
Image credit: Lewis Roberts on Unsplash

52 thoughts on “I fear for you

  1. I feel so sorry for the wildlife that is losing their habitat, all through the greed of mankind.
    We will destroy ourselves. We are so close to doing that already.
    I wonder if, in the scheme of things, we as a species, deserve to survive?

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    • That was so much in my mind when I saw the photo prompt. There was an article in the Sunday paper this week saying that more than half the world’s apes and monkeys are in danger of extinction. Very sad.

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  2. Very strong, Chris. We have a lot to answer for when you stop and think.
    I’m having an issue liking these posts, Chris. I click like but the screen just shudders! I am ‘liking’ them, however!

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      • I’ve managed to get the likes to stick now! I have to pop over to the Internet to read the posts (in the app, the black text on black background doesn’t show up very well – dark mode doesn’t fare well in some cases!) and it seems the likes aren’t working on the internet. Technology, eh?
        Anyway, my issues aside, the subject matter does need re-raising from time to time.

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