Another Doorway

The dwarves scuttled back across the cavern leaving Sinead alone once again. Why had they departed so suddenly, almost without a word? Was it the bridge that had frightened them? Or was it the waters over which it led?

Sinead stepped onto the bridge.

She held the Crystal aloft, its soft bluish light glowed a little brighter with every step she took, while the inky waters lapped menacingly on either side. She quickened her pace knowing better than look down into their murky depths.

The bridge ended at a narrow jetty, but its moorings were empty of boats. A single domed archway in the towering stone wall ahead beckoned her, reminding her of the entrance to the Maze of Mandoran.

Courage, Sinead. The words echoed in her mind, just as they had before. So close, so close now.

Sinead placed her hand on the hilt of her sword and entered.

Image credit: omagrandmother on Deviant Art

Previous episodes of Sinead’s Final Quest an epic tale, unfolding in tiny 150 word increments.

23 thoughts on “Another Doorway

  1. Sinead made it across without looking down. I wouldn’t have made it. She has more courage by herself than being in the company of chicken dwarves. Hand on sword, she goes forth without looking back. Her eyes are on the prize Chris.

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      • Yes it is very scary. The main thing we have here is the smoke in the air and really bad air quality. Here in Fresno we aren’t close enough to be physically threatened by the flames but our surrounding foothill towns are having to evacuate. The whole atmosphere has had a yellowish tint to it and you feel like you are on another planet 😬


  2. I remember the smoke and ash in the air from when we had some really bad fires in the mountains behind us a few years back. All the windows and window sills, and the furniture in the yard was filthy, and it kept coming down for months… but it could have been so much worse.
    Keep indoors and keep safe 🙂


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